Monday, 30 November 2009

Bear faced gossip

Jill has just let me know that the talking bear and his friend have noted my September post about them, Free fun along the Piccadilly Line, on their gossip page.

Bearsac and Debra get just about everywhere and although some people, like me, don't like to chat with them at the time (well who would know what to do when faced with a talking bear asking for a sip of your drink or telling you about his recent bearmitzvah?) these same people then go home and blog about them or comment on forums and community boards. Seems they are causing quite a stir wherever they go.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Just Peachy

I've wanted to blog about this for a little while now but have only just managed to get a hold of the photo, anyway, I walk past this little cottage every day, sometimes twice a day, and have always admired it's peachyness.

It's not a colour you see painted on houses very often and I always thought it looked so lovely and vintage. Sort of like the colour of a twin set, a matching handbag and shoes, a pair of cats eyes sunglasses or a Triumph Herald motor. Most days a different vintage peachy something would enter my mind as I hurried past to and from work.

So imagine my worry when a few weeks ago (just before the weather turned) the house had ladders against it and sheets down with a pair of decorators stripping back the paint work! I considered intervening, making my colour recommendations to them as they scraped away with fags in mouths and radio blaring. I resisted giving exterior design advice and thought as I walked on 'Well it was inspirational while it lasted' teamed with 'Why didn't I take a picture of it???'.

Imagine my surprise when the next day I saw it had been repainted in the exact same colour choice!! I wanted to knock on the door and congratulate them on making such a fine choice in the face of new trends, colour mix machines and (the worst ever) plastic windows.

It reminded me of when I used to work in an interiors shop, how often older couples would come in clutching a sample of worn out but well loved fabric looking for it's exact replacement. So attached to their colour scheme as though it were an old friend, setting the tone in albums worth of photos of the festive family, the Jubilee buffet, any old knees ups and get together. Always there at the end of a long day, their choice, and they will stick by it. Lovely.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Love it!

I must share with you my friend Lizzie's blog, it's called Lizzie Loves...Fashion

Lizzie recently made the bold step to leave her job as a journalist to pursue a career as a freelance fashion writer and features writer. I think she made a smart move, her blog is the perfect place to visit to hear about fashion trends, must haves and her witty musings on style and the world of fashion. I just love her style of writing, especially her nod to the twin sets and pearls brigade.


Just look at what we saw when we opened the curtains this morning, (you can just make it out on this rather rushed picture) the end of a rainbow right across the field from us! Or was it the start of one? I wonder if they always form from one direction? Important to know so you don't go running in the wrong direction after the pot of gold.

Myrtle wasn't sure what all the fuss was about but took a look anyway. She looks a bit like a shaggy sheep in this picture.

Whilst all this was going on Joey had helped himself to another blue tit, it's so sad and is the one thing about cats that I do not like. There are mice a plenty around here but he prefers these brightly coloured little fellas. He doesn't even eat them, just enjoys the rush of the kill.

Did you know that for every bird a cat kills it means there are seven less next year. This was his third (that we know of) so that's twenty one less little blue bods at Oakbank next year.
Naughty boy!

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

I am experiencing trouble posting comments on any blog, ours or others, and have done for some time. It's very frustrating, there seems to be endless amounts of bloggers reporting this in forums but no one seems to be able to fix it.

I've typed countless comments out for Flying Eagle Woman, Jill and Sharon (I look at your blogs almost every day) to name a few but they have all just disappeared into the ether, like lost texts circling the earth forever.

So whether you are a faithful Heavens follower (you know who you are) or you occasionally stop by thank you, thank you, thank you for your lovely comments. It's amazing to think of people all around the world reading about our adventures.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Babble and Squeak

My new boots had their second outing today. Aren't they fine, I like them because they look like if you were to draw some walking boots, just really simple. They fit so nice too, much comfier and warmer than my old ones.

All the way along our walk I could hear what sounded like dogs, but really far away. Maybe a hunt or a trail? I kept Myrtle on the lead as I wasn't sure where they were.

Its amazing how much everything has changed here in just a week, we have had strong winds and heavy rain which has stripped lots of the leaves off trees and bushes, everything seems so open. The nice thing about it is that the bareness reveals little secret things that we've walked past every day before but never noticed. These bright red berries curling around a tree branch like a fruit vine had been obscured by a lovely thick Beech bush.

The River Sprint was so full today that the redundant overflow section (which would have once been used to channel off water to the farm) was overflowing. It's the first time I've seen it like this. Myrtle wasn't interested as you can see. She wanted to go in the river but it was too fast for her, I just can't bear the thought of her getting swept off so am always on the cautious side where swimming is concerned.

Oh yeah and the dogs I could hear, it was only on the home stretch I realised it was actually a weird squeaky noise from my new boots!


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