Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Coming home?

Tomorrow is an important day for the England team, after a pretty poor performance they've reached crunch point and if they lose tomorrows match they are heading home. It's sad because the whole nation is behind them, however this massive flag makes me smile every time I pass it.

It's so excessive I can't help but wonder if they messed up on the order form for it or they actually did want a flag the same size as the pub?

How very thoughtful

Today I received our first homemade baby gift. Wrapped in pretty pink tissue and left in my pigeon hole at work was this beautifully knitted cable cardi and matching hat in the softest cream coloured cotton. Made by my friend and work colleague Joan. Isn't it lovely!

I was thrilled when I opened it up and still can't get over how thoughtful and kind it is of someone to dedicate time to making clothes for our little bean bump.
Most of my friends make things and so it is something I have been quite excited about, getting to see what they have made and having something to treasure and pass down the generations.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Moggy mending update #2- Now there's a tail to remember.


I am very happy to say that Joey is making a full recovery :)

All last week he was managing to do propper sized wee's on his own so on Tuesday this week the vets decided he was healed enough to have his tail off. To be honest it had been bugging him for a while now as it was totally lifeless and had no nerve attachment, infact I was often having to hold it up while he had a wee, the things you do for those you love!

He looks very strange indeed without it and has a large shaved area on his rear, like a crew cut. You can really see how thick his tabby fur is when ther'es a whole section missing. So I'll post a picture of the new tail when some fur has grown over as I think he already feels quite degraded by his appearance and wishes to maintain his usual dashing public persona.

He is such a strong little fella and showing him so much love and care has helped him to pull through a very traumatic experience. Even the vets commented on how our dedication to getting him well again has been of huge benefit.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Moggy mending update #1

Just to let you know how Joey is getting on....
It's two weeks since his accident and he is clearly still shaken by the experience. Last night we decided to try him sitting on the sofa, it was fine until a car went past and he lept of the sofa and hid under the sideboard, when we eventually coaxed him out his heart was racing and he wouldn't take his eyes off the window in case another went by. I think he's learnt the hardest way possible that cars=ouch!
On the plus side he is a lot brighter in himself, too bright some might say and is proving to be quite a difficult patient wanting out from his crate and also chucking all his bedding and pots about in protest when he has to stay in!
He's been eating and drinking just fine and managing some yoghurt to help his bones repair.

He only needs to go to the vets once a day now (each evening) as he has regained minimal use of his bladder/bowel muscles which is a step in the right direction, and doesn't need the strong painkilling injection he was on.
So this week I'm working in my office in the mornings and then from home in the afternoons as it's still too soon to leave him all day but it breaks the day up for us both.


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