Monday, 27 September 2010


Before the changable weather set in we had a nature walk down the lanes with my mum. Joel saw hazlenuts which weren't ready to pick yet. They were slightly pink in colour and growing quite low down, I would have never really thought they were hazlenuts if mum hadn't said so.

We also filled a tupaware tub with blackberries, slightly earlier than last years picking session. They were sweet and juicy and warm from the autumn sun so I ate quite alot whilst picking as that's when they taste best.

Joel is so lucky to be growing up here.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Mr Magoo

Last week I went for a wander around the small town near to where my mum lives. It's what you might describe as a 'one horse town', somewhat stuck in the past with limited shops which all close early (much to my frustration as I missed all four of it's well stocked charity shops!) I spotted this fantastic old sigh hanging outside the opticians, I thought it was so cool and retro I just had to share it with you.

It's a bit like 'if your eyesight is so bad you can't read the sign which says opticians then here is a massive pair of glasses so you can still find us'. It made me smile during what had been quite a low week for me, just the usual struggles and uncertainties of motherhood.

I've always treasured my first piece of post, mail to my American readers, well my mum did and then passed it on to me some years back. It's a postcard from my Granny Eileen and Grandad John (on my dads side), both of which have passed away (infact I can't even remember my Grandad John), from their holiday to the New Forest when I was just four months old (postmark September 1977)

It was with this in mind that made me so happy when Joel recieved his first piece of post from our good friend Michael.

It's a lovely thing for him to have to read when he is older, thanks Uncle Michael.

...lucky leaf

I'm not getting on here regularly enough to post as things happen but I am jotting all my ideas down and storing my photos for those stolen moments when Joel is asleep. We haven't developed much of a routine yet, well what can you expect from a seven week old? So life at Oakbank still very much revolves around him.

A couple of weeks ago Millie and I got out on a stroll up the hill with him, we hadn't gone more than a few feet when Joel got his first bit of luck, a lucky leaf!

If you aren't familiar with this it's when a leaf falls from a tree and lands on you, perhaps it's seen as a rarity and that's why it's so good. It's certainly better than being struck by a bird poo, which strangely enough is also considered lucky! This is probaby something thought up to console the poo victim. Anyhow, this was a reminder of how autumn is well and truely with us now. Joels first autumn.


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