Wednesday, 25 May 2011

A Brit of a 'do'

April 29th was a super day at Oakbank, we hosted an all day and night party in honor of Prince William and Kates wedding.

Guests arrived at 10am, both here and at Westminster Abbey, and we drank cups of tea from the family china whilst watching the guests arrive in all their posh outfits.

This china has been in my family for generations, now it's all mine.
Mum bought me these silver sugar tongs from an antique shop, aren't they fabulous!
This china madame wears a huge yellow knitted skirt which doubles as a tea cosy. Fun stuff eh! Funnier still is that the man who sold it to me in a charity shop thought it was a hat!
We set up a teashop in the kitchen, so we weren't making brews all day.
Buffet (L-R) egg and cress, plain crisps and peanuts (in striped paper bags) coronation chicken, banana and poppy seed cake, bread rolls, Tunnocks mountain, traditional lemonade.

Not eaten this since the 80's
The Tunnocks mountain. With 'very British' red phone box topper.
I used the box illustrations to make a mini bunting
We toasted the Royal kiss(es)
Good old M&S didn't let the side down with their fantastic biscuit tins

All in all we had a right Royal knees up with laughs, tears, fun and more union jack bunting than you could shake a flag at. Congratulations to Will and Kate, for a day we will all remember.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Time flies!

I can't believe its been five whole weeks since I last blogged! I've still been documenting everything that's happened, and at least once a day imagined how the blogs will read. Head blogging, though a crucial part of keeping me sane, isn't the same as getting stuff down on paper (screen) so here is the last few weeks in pictures. * Detailed blogs of the highlights to follow.

It was roasting hot for a whole week, so toes were out for garden naps.
My first Mothers Day. Joel, with the help of his Daddy, got me some wonderful gifts. I cried.
I sorted my cupboard of fine china, my mum handed over the family sets she has kept safe for years * 

We had a proper dinner party, with wine! In honour of Mr B's birthday.
Joel learnt how to sit up by himself without toppling over, too many times*.
Had a lovely lunch with an old friend (she's even older now :) KEB in a new place in town, they have different tea cosies for each table. We got Piggy.
The tiniest frog I'd ever seen hopped in the house one rainy night after Myrtle had been out for a wee. Here it is next to a 5p (our smallest coin, for international readers)        

We saw the biggest wasps nest. Here it is next to Joel. He could have lived in it!
Aunt Em visited and we went to Holehird Gardens we saw Annie Lennox's house and ate a picnic in the sun whilst doting over Joel :)
Britains coalition governments first year in power.
Friends visited for a play in the sun
Family walks
We also threw a party, made stuff, went places and saw things (too many to mention in just one blog entry) which I can't wait to share with you once Joel hits the hay.
A round of applause please for the fastest typed blog EVER! :)


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