Thursday, 28 February 2013

Broom broom!

Mr B has been working weekends of late so it was nice when some good friends of ours invited Joel and I along for a trip out to the Lakeland Motor Museum The place is rammed with cars from the beginning of motoring right through to present day. I didn't know much about cars before we went there, and still don't now, so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Alongside the main attractions of classic cars and bikes, the design big hits (and the non starters) there were cabinets full of models/toys dating way back.

An unbelievably pristine collection of children's sit in cars, which of course Joel was desperate to try out

A room was full of attractive lovely old wooden arcade games, they were very addictive to play at just 10p or 20p a go. Some tested your 'driving' skills others were races based on turning wheels round fast

 Sometimes I forget to visit local museums/attractions, thinking they are touristy, but there are some real gems in these places.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Oh we do like to be blown along the seaside!

Belated Happy New Year to all HTB followers, I just don't know where the time has gone since I last wrote on here! Anyway lots to catch up on so I'll start.
One day before Christmas KEB booked a day off (to coincide with one of my Joel free days) and we headed down to Morcambe for a very cold and windy day at the seaside.
We stopped off at the West End charity shops first, bagging some great loot at crazy prices. I paid just £1 for this lovely embroidered picture and had been after one for ages.

I also got Joel a few blasts from the past in the way of toys for his Christmas stocking. This one in particular went down well (sneak peek at Christmas too)

We walked past this lovely stained glass window, imagine if all the businesses now had fancy windows like this. Wouldn't that be nice?

In one shop window there was an old Wurlitzer Organ in need of renovation. The colours of the keys and use of language on it were lovely. 'Symphonic Presence Ensemble' was luring my finger in through the glass!

We lunched at the rather marvellous Midland Hotel. It's somewhere we'd both been itching to go to since it reopened in 2008, left derelict for many years this landmark piece of Art Deco architecture is now restored to its full glory, and oh what a glory it is!

We ate in their bar which had incredible decor and views sweeping the full length of Morcambe bay over to Grange and beyond.

"Come and play with us Billy"
After our swanky pit stop we found a real treasure of a haberdashers/art/craft/gift shop set over several floors (up some rainbow stairs) tucked down an alley. Don't you just love it when exploring a windswept coastal town pays off.

Here's KEB with Father Christmas, we looked under his robe to see what he was wearing only to discover he was a butcher! Fancy that.

We had a great time. I love being a mum but its so nice to spend time with friends without Joel too.


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